Medieval Life & The Hundred Years War

This is an electronic book, containing over 200,000 words and numerous illustrations, to help you better understand Medieval life and the Hundred Years War. The format is the same as with any Windows "Help" function. Just click one on any item that changes your cursor to a pointing finger. Below are the major sections of the book. You start at the first one, or with any other one. You can, and should, browse around, following your curiosity. This is something an electronic book lets you do, and that a paper book cannot do.


Outline History of the Hundred Years War

The Hundred Years War Historical Notes

The Hundred Years War In Context: Other Events

The Matter at Issue: The Throne of France

Medieval Society and Culture

Medieval Warfare

Manners and Customs of the Noble and Powerful

Medieval Legacies

Some Useful Works on the Hundred Years' War


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