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The Complete Wargames Handbook

2nd Edition. This is the text of the second edition, published in 1992, out of print in 1997. Much of the material was also included in the 1st edition, which was published in 1980. Updates will be made to this online edition as I get the time to do it. The current version was reorganized nicely by Larry Widing (lwiding@netg.com.)  Any questions on the content, you can get in touch with me at jfdunnigan@aol.com. In early 2001, I had the Third Edition of the Wargames Handbook published in paperback. The major changes are in the chapters covering professional wargames. I put this edition out for a number of reasons. Military schools still like to use the book as a textbook. Many people also like to have a hard copy version around. Moreover, Internet users outside the United States, where local calls cost a penny or two a minute, find it expensive to stay online for too long. 

by James F Dunnigan

Copyright , 1997, James F Dunnigan.

toc.gif (1010 bytes)  Table of Contents

Dedication.gif (958 bytes)   Dedication

Appendix.gif (961 bytes)  Acknowledgements

Intro.gif (948 bytes)  Introduction

Chapter1.gif (968 bytes)  What is a Wargame

Chapter2.gif (978 bytes)  How to Play Wargames

Chapter3.gif (974 bytes)  Why Play the Games

Chapter4.gif (976 bytes)  Designing Manual Games

Chapter5.gif (974 bytes)  History of Wargames

Chapter6.gif (987 bytes)  Computer Wargames

Chapter7.gif (971 bytes)  Designing Computer Games

Chapter8.gif (984 bytes)  Who Plays the Games

Chapter9.gif (985 bytes)  Wargames at War

Appendix.gif (961 bytes)  Appendices