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A large number of people helped me create this book, and the earlier version. Chief among these groups are all the wargamers I have worked with, for or at cross purposes with over the years. Wargamers are a sharp lot. There's is "the hobby for the overeducated" and they have never shied away from giving me comments, criticism and advice I needed (even if I didn't particularly want it.) Next comes the old SPI crew, some of whom I still work with on a regular basis. It was, among other things, an educational and enlightening experience working in a place one magazine article described as "having the ambience of an unmade bed." The article was from "Cosmopolitan" magazine, so that's how strange SPI was.

For the current edition, I also called upon a number of individuals. Among those I owe thanks to are; Mike Garrombone, Mark Herman, Austin Bay, Ray Macedonia, Brad Anderson, Evan Brooks, Richard Berg, Gordon Walton, Susan Leon, Laurance Rosenzweig, Al Nofi, Dave Menconi, Dan Masterson, Doug MacCaskill, Brian B. Carlin, David C. Fram, Andrew Webber, James M. Stormes, John W. Willoughby, Lance Jones, Michael L. Malone, Robert B. Kasten, Rolf W. Laun, Robin D. Roberts, and several others whose names I've misplaced. You know who you are.

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