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Relive the adventure and romance of fourteenth-century Europe in this ambitious simulation. Costs less than 20 cents a day to play. The Hundred Years War (HYW) combines role-playing, strategy, diplomacy, and teamwork into an unforgettable multi-player experience.

This isnít a kidís game. Thinking people play HYW. Players find the Hundred Years War a unique experience not found anywhere else on the WEB.

When you join one of the many games you take on the persona of a noble in the 14th century. Being a noble in the 14th century is no piece of cake. The King demands your loyalty and always wants something from you.

The Pope watches your actions to make sure you are upright and properly pious, if not heíll excommunicate you.

Your neighbors look for opportunities to make your fiefdom their own. If the King gets a dislike for you, he may give them permission to attack you and take what they want.

And letís not forget the family. You have sons and daughters to raise. Your sonsí training cannot be ignored as one of them will take over the your realm someday. Your daughters need to be married off to the ďrightĒ families that will secure your political ties.

If all of that is not enough, you must manage your fiefs. They require constant care and attention. Youíll have to decide on taxes and who to hire to run your growing fiefdom.

Lastly, the war rages around you. The French and English are at each other's throats throughout the game. The kings, actually players, organize the nobles of their country to protect their countries from the foe. Youíll raise armies, fight battles and siege castles.

Oh, and let's not forget the ever popular Black Death, that might wander through at any time.

Everyone can find something about the Hundred Years War to love. Whether itís the diplomacy, the battles, the strategy, or just the good clean fun of interacting with others interested in medieval history, the Hundred Years War is an experience you wonít want to miss.

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Comments from our players

I got started in Hundred Years' War back in the GEnie days. I found the mix of wargaming and roleplaying in HYW great fun, and I made several good friends through the game.

--Jim Cider aka AutoJim aka AUTOJIM, past player of the Pope, the
occasional Mongl,and a number of minor functionaries,including
one of the protagonists in the infamous Welsh Sheep Skirmish.

HYW requires diplomatic, organizational, and economic skills to be successful played. Thus, the game attracts and has formed a close bond between a group of highly educated professional adults such as physicians, lawyers, professors of history, and at least one judge.

--Tony Banks

I play HYW for one reason above all others...HYW is a thinking man's (or woman's) game. It combines diplomacy, warfare, and role-play in a seamless fashion, and gives the player nearly unlimited freedom to develop a true medieval personality, be it hero or villain.

--Brent Rainy, alias Padre
Former Pope, Emperor, King,
and Commoner

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