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The Archives

Welcome to the Hundred Years War file archives.


The Complete Wargames Handbook by James F. Dunnigan. The designer of HYW provides a thorough overview of both paper-based and computer wargames.

Medieval Life and the Hundred Years War by James F Dunnigan and Albert A. Nofi. A complete guide to Medieval history, customs, and warfare in web ready hypertext format. A must-read for any serious HYW player, or anyone interested in medieval history.

Game Documentation:

HYW Help File--an HTML version of the HYW Documentation

The online HTML docs are now the official ones. Below is the older text versions (in WORD and text format). These are still available, for some players may find them more convenient. But as time goes by, these will be increasingly out of date.

Hywdoc.txt--The above document in text-only format, suitable for viewing right in your Web browser.

Time of Troubles--Alternate rules for an exciting HYW variant.

Historical Rank of each player position in the game

Historical notes on Provinces, Fiefs and Player Characters

Tips and Strategies:

Analysis of each player position in the game

How to play Royal positions

How to make sense of game characters

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